Aqua Maritime Agencies is Asia’s premier logistics service provider. We offer end-to- end supply chain solutions for multinational corporations and international brands – from sourcing and manufacturing, to selling across the globe.

Aqua Maritime Agencies has been establish since 01st Jan 2012 from Shipping Hub of Pakistan ,Karachi.Claiming himself as an privately held, independent and innovative company of the market.

Our experienced staff is the base for our service commitment to our clients and our principals supported by a fully integrated operational IT system to meet to days technical requirements.

The service portfolio of the group has been developed to cover all transport requirements, regardless of size and weight.

The transport industry has been fundamentally changing over the last two decades being today in an IT intense, cost-sensitive and fast changing environment.

Aqua Maritime Agencies is your neutral, independent and trusted partner for your logistic needs with a carefully selected worldwide network of partner companies to provide the most efficient transport solutions.

Capability of conducting most modern global operations in shipping and freight forwarding allows us to develop close relationship with all major carriers .”We believe that quality and personal services count ”